Hoto Design


HOTO design create a vision of contemporary industrial living. They deliver functional, bespoke decor to enhance and create your unique space. Each design piece is hand crafted from high quality raw materials creating iconic one of a kind pieces.

Drawing inspiration from everyday materials, they transform their traditional qualities into distinctive designs pieces that are both striking and practical.

We created a minimal, sleek and geometric logotype to represent their unique product designs. We incorporated copper into the brand to reflect one of their primary product materials. Copper contrasts beautifully with the monochrome colour palette and gave the brand some warmth and prestige. The unique shapes in the logotype also serve as abstract graphic features.

Brand Identity, Website Design, Business Stationary, Marketing Collateral, Digital Banners, Social Media design


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Hoto Design Hoto Design Hoto Design Hoto Design Hoto Design Hoto Design Hoto Design